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At the Lindstrand  USA factory you will find a dedicated team of experts ready to provide you with all the information, help, and advice you could possibly want. Our production team is continually striving to maintain the high level of craftsmanship that distinguishes a Lindstrand Balloon from its competitors. Expansion into a brand new purpose-built facility in January of 2001 was essential to handle increasing demand and production diversification.
 The quality of a Lindstrand Balloon is renowned the world over; we have a wide range of engineering talent, as well as access to textile testing facilities equal to any in the world.

Throughout the US, you will find Lindstrand dealers willing to share their ballooning expertise and welcome new enthusiasts into our sport.  More and more balloonists are realizing that there is an affordable, quality choice available to them, yet still with that personal touch our customers have come to appreciate.aboutlongseaming

Service and Commitment

aboutphilinspectingPhil Thompson, owner of Lindstrand Balloons USA, has been in the balloon manufacturing business since 1983. His manufacturing expertise and dedication to customer service is unparalleled in the balloon industry.  Phil is always willing to answer technical questions and help balloonists further their understanding of their equipment.  Phil holds several FAA designee positions including DAR (Designated Airworthiness Representative),  DMIR (Designated Manufacturing Inspection Representative), and Repairman ratings, as well as commercial pilot, balloons and airplanes. Starting Lindstrand Balloons USA in 1994, Phil took the opportunity to combine the finest system features into the highest quality balloon.  Our goal has never been to build the most balloons in the US; it has always been to build the best balloon.  With that being our focus, the Lindstrand brand is a consistent leader in market share.

aboutimage1Lisa Kempner, Sales Coordinator, owned a full-time balloon business in the Chicago suburbs from 1980 until 1988 before being employed in sales and marketing at another balloon manufacturer.  Becoming a part of the Lindstrand US team in 1994, was a unique opportunity allowing her to utilize her vast experience in all aspects of commercial and sport ballooning.  Lisa’s goal is to make the design and order process from start-to-finish a truly user-friendly experience.

Cassie Klinge, Office Administrator, joined Lindstrand in December of 2007.   With a background in customer service, Cassie has been a valuable addition to our support staff.  In addition to processing shop orders and invoicing, you will find her to be a friendly, knowledgeable resource person when you call Lindstrand Balloons.

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Most important of all, we believe that the most significant contribution we can make to our customers is a dedication to excellence.  Our enduring passion for our product means that we continually strive to apply the highest standards possible to every balloon we build.


Lindstrand Balloons – Hot Air Balloon Manufacturer