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New “65X” Added

A 65X has been added to the widely popular Lindstrand racer series.  This brings the range to five sizes between 56-77,000 cubic ft.   The Lindstrand-X is the ultimate fun flying experience for all pilots!Website 65X

2015 Aerostar/Lindstrand Maintenance Seminar

Mark your calendar, the dates have been set for the 2015 Lindstrand/Aerostar Maintenance Seminar. Sessions will begin at 8:30 am on Wednesday November 4 and end on Thursday November 5 at 5:30 pm.  Additional time in the factory will be available on Friday morning November 6 for those that request it.

We will again be partnering with Aerostar International, and attendance will be limited to 30 participants. There is a fee for the seminar.

If you would like to attend, you can find the registration form in the Download section of our website or contact Cassie at 815-777-6006

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Parts Orders and Factory Hours

Just a reminder our UPS pick-up is approximately 3:00 pm (CST).  Our goal is to send out shop orders the day we receive them.  So please keep in mind that in addition to gathering the parts, and sometimes cutting a fabric panel, we must prepare the proper paperwork and invoice to be included in the shipment.  To assure our ability to help you, please call no later than 1:00 pm (CST) to place your order.  

Have you called our factory on a Friday only to find an answering machine instead of a friendly greeting from Cassie?  Last year as gas prices were rising, our employees suggested we try 4 10-hour workdays, Monday thru Thursday.  It has worked out so well that we’ve kept those hours and although some of us still put in extra hours on Friday, we are usually only here until noon (unless we’re headed to a balloon event!).  We continue to check our e-mail daily, so if  you’ve missed us on the phone on a Friday, you can always send an email message.

Lindstrand Balloons – Hot Air Balloon Manufacturer