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In looks a modern basket doesn’t seem to have evolved much from the traditional gas balloon basket of a century ago. But looks can be deceiving, and although the walls may be made of wicker the inherent strength and comfort comes from a well thought out marriage of stainless steel framework, wicker, foam padding and leather.

Why Wicker?
With so many new synthetic materials to choose from, why still use wicker?

It is still the best choice for strength, flexibility, impact-absorbency, and ease-of-repair as well as being lightweight. It doesn’t shatter in extremely cold temperatures or upon impacting very rigid surfaces! The wicker, rather than you and your passengers, will absorb much of the shock on landing. And it is aesthetically quite pleasing. Wicker is a natural material grown in Southeast Asia. Only the finest quality cane, Kooboo, Pallan Bang and natural Manau are used for the primary construction.

Round Reed (a stripped cane) is only used in areas where color-dyeing is required.

Flat top basket lineup

Line up of flat top ascot baskets. Sizes shown are 42×52, 42×58, 47×64, and 52×68.

Basic Construction Methods: 
At Lindstrand, we approach basket construction differently than other manufacturers. We believe that the wicker carriage is equally as important as the envelope and burner.
 So the same quality and attention to detail you find in other Lindstrand components, you will also find in the Lindstrand basket. Beginning with your choice of a woven or wooden floor, each basket has a stainless steel superstructure. The stainless steel frames, at the top in woven floor designs and both top and bottom with solid floors are joined to solid nylon rod in the sidewalls and floors to assure your Lindstrand basket will maintain its shape while providing years of reliable service.

Many of the standard features of a Lindstrand basket are extra cost options when offered by other manufacturers. As leaders in the industry, we have set the standard for quality and luxury. Beginning with our single-weave construction, entry-exit steps on both sides of the basket, Cushionfloor, interior rope handles and higher side walls are designed to increase passenger comfort, all Lindstrand baskets feature hardwood runners with an oil-loaded nylon strip for additional protection and ease in ground handling of your basket.

Our leather trim has been treated with UV protection and is dyed throughout the skin. There are many ways to customize your Lindstrand basket including weave patterns, different colored rope accents and handles, as well as choices of red, black, brown or blue smooth leather or suede.

The standard Lindstrand 42×52 Ascot basket includes the following features:

  • Your choice of all woven or plywood floor construction
  • Cushionfloor (this closed-cell foam padding sits on top of your basket floor and is easily removable for cleaning)
  • Straight or contoured top bolster
  • Top and bottom rope handles in your choice of red, royal or black
  • Multiple entry/exit step holes
  • Single-weave construction
  • Hardwood skids with nylon skid protectors
  • Suede or smooth leather uprights and top bolster in your choice of red, blue, brown or black
  • Baskets are finished on the bottom edge with scuff leather
  • Carrying bag for nylon upright poles and padded pole covers

Examples of weave patterns which are available in a variety of colors. For more information and help on our basket range, please call either your local Lindstrand representative or the factory.





Two 62×84 Single-T baskets getting ready to ship out.


Brian Trapp flying some very happy passengers in his balloon "Gentle Breeze."

Brian Trapp flying some very happy passengers in his balloon “Gentle Breeze.”

Lindstrand Balloons – Hot Air Balloon Manufacturer