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Like the engine and the brakes in your car, a balloon’s burner gives you the power to ascend as well as the ability to slow down a descent.

In addition to sheer power output, other desirable features should
include: reliability and redundancy of features; the ability to operate over a wide range of fuel pressures; burning quietly and cleanly with a minimal amount of condensation and radiant heat; the ability to gimble over a wide range and control the tension easily; assemble easily without the use of tools; ease of maintenance to reduce costs at annual inspections. Additionally, the range of Lindstrand JetStream burners are beautiful to behold.


With the introduction of the Lindstrand JetStream Burner major advances in burner technology were made. All burner controls and valves are incorporated in a unique monobloc body. All pressure and fluid operations occur within this body which stabilizes temperature as the propane flows through the bloc before entering the main coil, and finally exiting through the burner jets.

This exclusive monobloc valve system has been subtly refined over the years and reflects the highest level of quality and advanced engineering available today. All blast valves in this high-performance burner contain multiple seals providing the utmost reliability on every flight. Compared to other manufacturer’s burners, the Lindstrand burner is quieter and has less radiant heat for the same power output.

The JetStream Super Single burner is standard on all Lindstrand systems from 42,000 through 90,000 cubic feet. This remarkable burner offers all the advantages of double burner fuel management in a lighter weight package. It features:

  • Dual Pilot Lights
  • Dual Piezo Electric Ignitors
  • Dual Squeeze Trigger Main Blast Valves
  • Dual “Super-Quiet” Liquid Blast Valves
  • Dual Pressure Gauges

The JetStream Series 2 Double Burner is standard on all systems from 105,000 -210,000 cubic feet. This burner is available in both a squeeze-trigger or toggle style configuration. Both styles feature two main burners in addition to two with “super-quiet” liquid blast valves. The toggle configuration also features a cross-over valve which allows both burners to be fired from either liquid valve or fuel supply.

All burners in the JetStream series operate with liquid pilot lights. Some of the benefits of a liquid pilot light system are:

  • No pilot light regulators to adjust
  • Only one fuel hose needed to supply both the main burner and pilot light.
  • All fuel tanks can be pressurized with an inert gas (such as nitrogen) to increase fuel pressure in cold weather conditions
  • The Lindstrand pilot light system has two separate filters to reduce the chance of blockage from impure fuel.

Other features of the Lindstrand fuel system include you choice of hand-tightened or quick-disconnect (TEMA) type fittings and on whichever system you choose it can be combined with optional quick-shut off valves (QSO), another advancement in fuel safety. Standard with each Lindstrand system are 15 gallon stainless fuel tanks with padded tank collar rings and padded cordura tank jackets with pockets of varying sizes for stowing necessary items. Other tank options include a 20 gallon stainless tank to be used in large partitioned ride baskets or larger open flat-top baskets with higher sides.

Lindstrand Balloons – Hot Air Balloon Manufacturer