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photo4Operating a ride business isn’t easy. In most parts of the country, weather and passenger rescheduling are challenging enough, so the equipment you choose must be reliable and ready to fly when you are.

Should you ever need service, the manufacturer must be dependable and have a large inventory of parts and fabric so you’re never left waiting when time is of the essence.

Kijak 310 BasketAt Lindstrand, we believe you should be able to keep your focus on your business and feel secure that your equipment will go the distance.  Our 24 and 28 gore construction envelopes offer the perfect platform for corporate fleet branding.  Their state-of-the-art design also provides for optimum stress distribution, an important safety consideration.

If the sky is your office, then you’ll want your office to be designed to the most exacting standards.  At Lindstrand there is a wide variety of basket and burner combinations available with our passenger carrying range. which allows you to choose the best combination for your particular operation.

Options such as our proven HyperlifeTM fabric (with 600hr./6-yrs. warranty); DiamondWeaveTM fabric developed by Aerostar International and now offered exclusively through Lindstrand USA, the Q-Vent TM fast deflation system; a vast size range of single or Double T-baskets; JetStream Double, Triple or Quad burners; combined with the standard Lindstrand features, guarantee a first-class ride system for the first-class operator.

Durable and Reliable 
All Lindstrand T- and Double T-baskets are made with plywood floors, have multiple hand holds, and exit and entry footsteps. Cushionfloors are included, and you have your choice of smooth leather or suede top bolster and upright covers. There are many options available to customize your Lindstrand basket and fuel system to suit the needs of your ride operation.


Some additional cost options available are:

  • Interior padded sidewalls (upper and lower)
  • Nomex heat shields on burner frame over the passenger areas
  • Lightweight partitions with adjustable turnbuckles
  • Stainless Steel footsteps
  • Safari basket- Side runner options
  • Pilot Restraint Harness
  • Triple or Quad burners with or/without Commercial Liquid Fire (CLF)
  • Quarter-turn shut-off valves (QSO) for your fuel tanks



There are many basket sizes offered with three basic configurations; the smallest single-T has three fuel cylinders grouped in the end with the pilot and passengers together in the two longer partitions; all other single-T’s have the pilot and fuel in the same compartment with two long compartments for the passengers; and all of the double-T baskets have the pilot and fuel cylinders in the center with passenger compartments on the left and right of the pilot.

When flying is your living and day-to-day reliability and longevity count, you’ll find that a Lindstrand balloon excels.  Hardly surprising, then, that more operators in the African game reserves- without a doubt one of the harshest ballooning environments- are turning to Lindstrand balloons. 

For further information about specific basket or envelope sizes and optional equipment available, please contact the factory.

Don’t you and your passengers deserve a Lindstrand?

Lindstrand Balloons – Hot Air Balloon Manufacturer