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DSC_0481All hot air balloons will attract attention– but a special shape commands attention. Shapes make a dramatic appearance, and are long remembered and photographed, wherever they fly.  When used in conjunction with a conventional balloon or cold air inflatable your exposure opportunities are maximized.  Lindstrand Balloons are renowned throughout the world for their design of complex special shaped envelopes.

When you invest in a flying product-replica to promote your brand, you need a team you can trust with your most valuable asset- your image.

It is for this reason that companies and private individuals alike choose a Lindstrand special shape rather than a conventional balloon to make their impression. Pepsi is one company that has taken full advantage of balloon marketing. This extremely successful balloon program has been operating for over twenty years and has multiple special shape cans, the Pepsi Globe, and a conventional balloon in its fleet.Bike 2

Each shape is a one-of-a-kind type certified aircraft. Typically, production is a 14-20 week process beginning after you have approved the artwork, design, and contracted for the shape. Once your new special shape balloon has been test inflated, it will undergo a certification flight test with an FAA designated flight test pilot before it is delivered to you. Costs can range from $90,000 to as much $250,000 for each specialty aircraft.

Balloons with inflated appendages are another way to let your creativity shine. A fish, a monkey, Garfield the Cat, or the Rubber Ducky all started as conventional balloons and took on new personalities with their inflated artwork.

Bryan Foods added two 45 ft. long hot dogs to their conventional shape and Kraft’s Bulls-Eye BBQ sauce balloons were a hit with 35 ft. bulls heads. Mayflower Moving Company has three 30 ft. tall inflated ships on the side of their Lindstrand balloon. RE/MAX Real Estate flies a FOR SALE and SOLD sign above the crowds.

A special shape can be as intricate as the Kool Race Car or as simple as a soft drink can. Artwork can vary in complexity from an appliquéd logo to a digitally reproduced photo-quality logo. You’re only limited by your imagination. Based on cubic volume this syrup bottle would hold 700,812.9 gallons!

Attention Grabbing! It’s Lindstrand!

Appealing, Memorable, Outstanding!

We can provide a turn-key operation for your next marketing extravaganza! We’re here to help you put your plan into motion and see results with balloon advertising, call us today.

Lindstrand Balloons – Hot Air Balloon Manufacturer