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2012 Worlds 423Take life to new heights –

You are a balloonist for the pure pleasure of flying.
You have experienced the exhilaration of silent flight and you anxiously await your next opportunity to fly. You look forward to sharing this adventure with your family and friends. You expect performance and reliability from your equipment, along with the ability to express your individuality. You’ve chosen Lindstrand Balloons to meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

Lindstrand offers you the most design possibilities.
You can use any of our 18 standard Hyperlife/Ripstop colors or any of the 19 standard DiamondWeave shades to create the balloon of your dreams.


Did you know Lindstrand can provide replacement envelopes for all US type certified brands?  
If a replacement envelope is what you need– Lindstrand can help.  If you have an Aerostar, Cameron or Thunder & Colt bottom end, a simple logbook entry is all you need.  For all other owners with US type certified bottom end components, we do all the FAA paperwork for you.

X-Treme Performance for X-Ceptional Balloonists –
Designed for those who love to fly … and love to win!

In 2003, competitive balloonists presented the engineers at Lindstrand with a challenge– to design an envelope that can safely increase ascent and descent rates while maintaining a stable profile– and if fuel economy could be increased that would be a bonus.  The basic envelope shape working in conjunction with the exclusive internal baffle system has succeeded in achieving all our target design goals. 

The result is a 24 gore flat panel speedster which gives competition pilots a distinct edge and puts “extreme fun” into sport flying!

The X-Series is now available in five sizes, 56, 60, 65, 69, and 77 to meet the increasing demand from balloonists.  As more and more sport pilots enjoy the responsiveness and versatility of this great design, it has become the most popular new model introduction in the last 10 years.  

The photo in the morning mist was taken by Cindy Petrehn, as she watched her brother, John Petrehn, win the World Championships in 2006.  Obviously, it takes a remarkable pilot to win events of this caliber.  We’re proud of their achievements and that a Lindstrand balloon, partnered with their own determination and skill, is proving to be the winning combination for them.

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Examples of our 42 x 52
Ascot Basket with smooth leather, swept-top and
flat-top bolsters.

Flytec 3040 Instruments mounted on the basket upright.

Standard Features

Look at all the extras included with Lindstrand balloon systems:

  • Our envelopes are constructed from DuPont 6.6 high tenacity nylon, with a fluorocarbon finish, anti-fade treatment and anti-microbial additive in the coating. Durable, lightweight, and with a luxurious shine, your Lindstrand envelope will offer you many hours of reliable service and flying pleasure.
  • Internal Horizontal Loadtapes- sewn on the inside of the envelope where they won’t distract from your artwork or color pattern.
  • A pulley-assisted parachute made from our proven HyperlifeTM fabric (our legendary zero-porosity fabric with our 600 hour warranty) with handy retrieval line and color-coded Velcro parachute tabs.
  • Full NomexTM throat panel and NomexTM scoop.
  • Your choice of non-conductive or stainless envelope cables.
  • Jetstream Super Single burner which offers all the advantages of double burner fuel management in a lighter weight package. (105,000 cubic ft. system includes the Jetstream Double burner with your choice of toggle or squeeze-trigger main blast valves).
  • 42 x 52 Ascot basket (this size and style of basket is an upgrade with other brands), single weave construction, a footstep on both sides, your choice of woven floor or solid plywood floor bottom; hardwood skids with nylon skid protectors; swept-top or flat-top bolster in suede or smooth leather. (The 105 and 120,000 cubic ft. systems include a 42 x 58 Ascot basket.)
  • Cushionfloor
  • Carrying bag for burner upright poles and padded pole covers.
  • (2) 15 gallon stainless fuel tanks with padded covers and convenient pouches.
  • State-of-the-art Flytec 3040 wireless instrument package.
  • Self-storing, extra durable Cordura envelope bag with vinyl base.
  • (8) Carabineers with a complete system for easy assembly.
  • Flight Manual and complete Instructions for Continued Airworthiness Manual.
  • 6-year/350-hour fully transferable warranty on standard fabric.
  • 6-year/400-hour fully transferable warranty of DiamondWeaveTM fabric.
  • 6-year/600-hour fully transferable warranty on HyperlifeTM fabric.
  • A dedicated staff looking forward to serving you! Just ask repair stations around the country,
  • Lindstrand’s dedication to customer service is unparalleled in the industry.
  • One of the best features of a Lindstrand is VALUE! When comparing standard features, a Lindstrand Balloon often costs much less than other leading brands.

So why wait? Give us a call at the factory, or contact your local Lindstrand Representative, and let us share our passion for ballooning with you!


Lindstrand Balloons – Hot Air Balloon Manufacturer